Direct Dental Mailing That Fits Your Budget

Marketing doesn’t have to be a headache for dental practices. DentalMarketing.net makes sure that your marketing dollars are put to good use. We attend to the marketing needs of dental clinics across the country with different needs to attract new patients, highlight specialties and generate a serious return on investment. With DentalMarketing.net, you get more marketing services for less than the other guys. Get a free quote for your direct dental mailing today.

Money-Back Guarantee on Postcard Mailing

DentalMarketing.net specializes in direct mailing campaigns for dental clinics just like yours. We serve clinics of all sizes and specialties with professionally-designed and customized flyers. Our team of experienced marketers provides your choices for templates, demographics and even takes care of the postage and mailing. All you have to do is sit back and welcome your new patients.

In addition to our direct mailing services, we offer call tracking, monitoring and scoring so your staff can handle booking a crowded office. You can monitor your clinic’s progress with our reporting dashboard and take advantage of our staff coaching services. Most importantly, you get all of these services with a risk-free, money-back guarantee.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

When you know your budget is tight, go with the sure-fire marketing service for your clinic. With the money-back guarantee from DentalMarketing.net, we promise you’ll receive as many new appointments and valuable patients to make more than you’ve spent on marketing services. Many marketing services promise quality, but our promise has real bite. In fact, we short change ourselves based on industry averages in your favor with a 55% close ratio and $1000 first year new patient value.

Each month you provide a data export, and we audit your results and update your dashboard so you always have an accurate accounting of your actual returns from your mailings!

We stand behind our success. Will you be there to share it with us? Learn more about our Money-Back Guarantee here!

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