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How We Train Your Staff

Dental Receptionist Training

We strive to maximize the return on the money and effort that you put into converting leads into patients and attracting them to your dental practice. One thing that most dentists are unaware of is that more than half of the new leads dentists generate through advertising campaigns are lost during the first phone conversation.

With this in mind, a part of our package deal involves us providing your dental staff the sufficient training to answer the tough questions about insurance, pricing, etc., and turn a much higher percentage of first calls into appointments and long term patients.

With your internet marketing videos, we can help increase staff confidence and efficiency in dealing with client collections, reschedules, and insurance companies. Internet video marketing combined with a fun friendly environment of well-trained staff can maximize your efforts and your bottom line ROI.

Dental staff training…

Training your staff is an important part of the service that we provide to you. We know that your receptionist staff is vital to the success of your internet marketing video campaigns with us and in the future. That’s why we take the time to listen to calls made to your practice and give your staff meaningful feedback that can be used to enhance the level of service that you provide to your patients. Not only will this increase the percentage of first calls that you convert into patients, but it will also increase the loyalty of your patients.

We believe that providing quality service should be the number one priority of a business. Our experience allows us to give you the best possible dental office management training.

Take a look at the results that you could achieve on our ROI calculator. Also, feel free to read what our clients have been saying about their experience marketing with Videos. Then, when you are ready for more new patients at your practice, call us at 855-793-1455 and start improving booking more patients today.