Reach Out

There are thousands who avoid the dental visits or aren’t sure who to see. One of the most effective ways to reach people is with direct mail marketing. Whether it’s X-Rays or dentures, will show you how to draw in potential patients. has mailed hundreds of thousands of postcards on behalf of dental clinics like yours throughout the nation. With years of knowledge on hand, we work based on patient trends and trends to receive the best response. You can rest assured that your postcard will be a useful method to get interested patients.

Direct Mail Marketing Process

You’ll begin the postcard creation campaign by browsing our extensive gallery of templates, layouts and styles. Each example in our gallery is crisp, beautiful and created by a professional designer.

With so many choices, you’re bound to find a design that fits your dental clinic. To ensure we include your signature graphics, favorite photos and style, you’ll receive a design questionnaire to collect the right information.

We use the data we gathered from your questionnaire to create a personalized design for your promotional campaign. We won’t mail your direct mail flyers until you like them. We offer as many versions as needed to satisfy your standards. We can also add slogans and ad copy to your direct mail flyers.

We gather information from the initial waves of postcards to better your efforts and your postcard design. This enables you to adjust and monitor our effectiveness based on our efforts alone.

Draw in New Clients Today

Find more interested patients with professional direct marketing help. We deliver top-notch products from beginning to end. Ask us for a free design consultation when you want more details about our programs. Our postcard promotion program always comes without risk.