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Get New Patients

There are many people in your area who need dental care, but don’t know about your dental office. One of the best strategies to contact people in your area is through a custom postcard campaign. From it’s root canals or extractions, can help you attract new clients. has mailed millions of direct mail flyers for dental clinics just like yours from coast to coast. Our work helps us learn a lot about patients’ needs from tracing how they respond to the direct mail flyers, such as which designs and offers create the strongest response. You can rest easy knowing that your postcard will be a helpful tool to get interested customers.

Custom Dental Postcard Creation Process

Our campaign begins when you choose any of our designs to use for your postcards we’ll send to your customers. Every sample in our collection is crisp, appealing and conceived by a professional designer.

Whether you’re a cosmetic dentist or specialize in surgery, has the best style to fit your dental clinic. To ensure we use your logo, favorite photos and style, you’ll receive a design questionnaire to collect the correct information.

We take the information from your questionnaire to create a custom postcard for your direct mail efforts. If you aren’t happy with the initial version, we will revisit it as much times as needed to deliver the right product. Additionally, our team drafts catchphrases, specials and other components to boost the success of your design.

We collect data using the first few waves of postcards to improve your efforts and your direct mail flyers. This allows you to adjust and monitor our effectiveness based on our efforts alone.

Promote Your Practice

Attract more qualified patients with expert dental marketing guidance. Our team works closely with you, your staff and your preferences to ensure the best outcome, guaranteed. If you want to have more information, ask us for a no-cost consultation. Our postcard marketing program is always risk-free guarantee.