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Direct Mail Marketing

There are thousands who skip the dentist or don’t know who to go to. Postcards are an effective method for getting the message out to new clients and promote any specials your office offers. Whether it’s X-Rays or dentures, can help you get in touch with new clients.

We’ve distributed millions of cards just for dental offices. Our mission helps us learn a lot about patients’ needs from monitoring how they respond to the postcards, such as which templates and offers create the best reaction. Whether you want a themed or a polished, updated template, you can rest easy that your direct mailing campaign will succeed.

Does Direct Postcard Marketing Work?

Our process starts when you choose any of our templates to use for your direct mail flyers that we send to your customers. We have a wide selection of professionally created postcards in different color schemes, styles and themes.

Whatever your specialty, has the best look to fit your dental office. To ensure we include your logo, favorite photos and style, you’ll receive a design questionnaire to collect the right data.

With the help of your questionnaire, our design team creates a custom look for your postcard. We will not mail your postcards until you’ve approved them. We offer as many versions as needed to satisfy your preferences. Additionally, our team drafts catchphrases, specials and design components to ensure that your ideal postcard is successful.

We collect data using the first few waves of postcards to improve your campaign and your direct mail flyers. With us, your campaign will be relevant the whole year round and advertise your office’s current offers and more.

Draw in New Clients Today

Reach more qualified clients with professional dental marketing services. Our team works closely with you, your team and your preferences to deliver the most effective outcome, guaranteed. Request a no-cost consultation when you want more details about our programs. Our postcard promotion service is always risk-free guarantee.