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Direct Mail Marketing

There are thousands who skip the dentist or don’t know who to go to. One of the most effective ways to contact people is with a custom postcard campaign. From it’s veneers or dentures, can help you reach out to new patients.

We’ve mailed cards across the U.S. just for dental practices. With years of experience behind us, we’ve learned from patient trends and patterns to draw the most effective response. With a huge range of options for designs, you can rest assured that your direct mailing promotion will succeed.

Our Method

Our campaign starts when you choose any of our templates to use for your direct mail flyers we’ll distribute to your patients. We have a large menu of skillfully created direct mail flyers in different colors, styles and themes.

With all these options, you’re sure to uncover a design that fits your dental practice. To make sure we get it right, you’ll receive a design questionnaire to gather important information, like your logo, additional graphics or images that you want to include on your postcard.

We use the data from your questionnaire to create a personalized layout for your direct mail efforts. We won’t send out your direct mail flyers until you are happy with them. We offer as many drafts as needed to meet your standards. We can also include taglines and promotional text to any of your mailing material.

Once you’ve approved your layout, we distribute your postcards and trace the number of new clients to your clinic. This enables you to tweak and check how effective our efforts are.

Money-Back Guarantee

Reach more interested customers with professional dental marketing help. We guarantee quality products from beginning to end. If you’d like to have more information, ask us for a free consultation. You can rest assured that our postcard mail promotion program comes without risk.