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When it comes to finding new patients for your dental office, you can no longer only rely on reputation and referrals.  You need to use dental practice marketing strategies to create an image, sustain your current clientele and find new local patients. At, we know how to use marketing solutions to help you achieve these goals.  Our one-of-a-kind dental direct mail strategy has helped dozens of dental clinics across the country grow their practices.

Steps to Market Your Dental Office

Targeted Mailing Lists

By creating a targeted mailing list, you can minimize your budget and reach patients who are actually local to your office. Targeted marketing uses lists of names and addresses within a specific zip code or geographic radius of your practice. These can be defined by demographics and you can narrow the list by choosing various different criteria. Demographics include gender, income level and type of treatment needed. A targeted mailing from list will help you focus your marketing efforts where they matter and spend money more efficiently.

Dental Postcards

We mail beautiful, full-color postcards to new and existing patients on your targeted mailing list. These postcards establish an image and attract new patients to your office. You can include information about specific dental problems and available treatments as educational tools while also advertising your practice. You can also use the postcards to include information about your practice’s history and descriptions of modern technology or equipment used. We use successful dental postcard templates that match the look and feel of your specific practice.

Call Tracking and Scoring

Once we’ve mailed the postcards to your targeted list, we’ll start tracking their performance. Each postcard has a unique number that routes back to your primary office number. This number allows us to monitor patient calls in real-time. By tracking the quantity and quality of phone calls, we can improve each postcard mailing. Tracking and scoring calls create accountability for us and your staff, so performance can be improved. Improved performance turns phone calls into new patients, which eventually leads to increased revenue for your dental practice.

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Now that you’ve learned about what it takes to market your dental office, it’s time to get started with We’ll help you develop a successful marketing campaign and see it through. You can use our practice dashboard 24/7 to keep updated on your campaign, and our dedicated dental practice marketing team is here to provide you with expert advice and strategies. Call us now at 866-583-2015!