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How Do I Start a Successful Dental Postcard Marketing Campaign?

Dental Postcard Marketing from Dental Marketing by DPM

With the dental marketing postcards from Dental Marketing by Digital Print Marketing, you can grow your practice and get new patients by targeting a specific demographic. We control the variables as we work with you to create an incredible, customized dental postcard design that is proven to successfully bring in new clients. We utilize successful dental postcard templates that match the look and feel of your specific practice. From there, we will print and mail your cards to the targeted demographic.

The moment your postcards are sent out, we’ll begin tracking their performance. To guarantee a successful postcard marketing campaign, we listen to every call and recommend dental staff training based off what we hear and see. Once we’ve received enough data, we’ll make refinements and continuous improvements to your dental postcard campaign.

At Dental Marketing, we know from experience that a targeted mailing list based on demographics means higher success rates. We’ll create a target mailing list and demographic report of the area surrounding your practice, allowing us to adjust design and marketing offers to target the right patients. You can request a free demographic report from us if you want to learn more about how you can find the right clients.

Our team of experienced client service professionals and designers are her to guide you and your staff every step of the way! Our dental marketing consultants strive to make every mailing campaign a success.

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Customized, effective dental postcard design.


Premium quality dental postcard marketing.

Mailing List

AIM: Analyze, Target, Achieve Results!


Efficient, tracked dental postcard delivery.

Call Tracking

Customized, effective dental postcard design.

Call Scoring

Dental call scoring improves conversions


Customized, effective dental postcard design.

Marketing Team

Premium quality dental postcard marketing.

Staff Coaching

Training enhances dental staff efficiency.