Dental Consultant Program by 123 Postcards

Watch the video below to learn how our dentist marketing consultant program works and then fill out the information to the right to get started.

123Postcards – Your Dental Marketing Consultant

At 123Postcards, we believe that your marketing campaigns should reflect the quality and dedication you provide your patients. That’s why we use only the highest quality products and processes to ensure that your marketing dollars are put to the best use.

We believe that you should be in control of every aspect of your marketing campaigns; after all, our work is all about you and the success of your practice. With your knowledge of your target demographics and our expert dental consultants, we can Guarantee your marketing investment gets results.

Your path to more patients has been perfected and proven through the successful delivery of millions of postcards for hundreds of dentists across the country! You receive exclusivity in your market area, excellent customer service with 24/7 results access, and the best prices on the planet! Everything is included in one low price.

It works like this:


Work visual magic with a wide variety of templates and guaranteed designs, each customized to fit your needs. Utilize our FREE design critique on a previous card or we’ll custom design a new card to your exact specifications.


With our help, a targeted mailing list is created for you utilizing your FREE demographic report and FREE custom practice map. This way you target the right homes, ensuring you get the right new patients within your realm of focus. List de-duplication is also available for free if you only want to target new patients.


Your design is then printed to exceptionally high quality standards to maintain the professional image of your practice. Postcards are then addressed, postage is affixed and they are drop-shipped to your local business postal center, better controlling the speed of which they reach your potential clients homes. CASS/DVP certification and contant list updates are performed to ensure maximum postal discounts and accurate delivery.


Your campaign results are optimized with our call tracking and insured with our response Guarantee. Your practice will be proficient as calls arrive, with our FREE dental staff training. Conversations are then scored and analyzed, enabling us to provide the staff’s results for all the key performance indicators we score. We dramatically enhance your success through call reporting and ongoing staff coaching, at no additional charge! We even capture all your missed calls and notify you immediately so you can call then back and get them on the schedule.