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Snapchat: The Do’s and Don’ts for Dental Practices

dental marketing with snapchat

When appropriately used, Snapchat can be an effective social media marketing tool. These Snapchats do’s and don’ts will help your dental practice find success. Each day, over 100 million people are active on Snapchat. With over 10 billion Snapchat video views being shared every day, Snapchat has the potential to be one of your dental […]

Dental marketing solutions: social media can’t touch this

Facebook and Twitter tend to be responsible for “getting the word out” these days, so direct mail may sound like a dated method of marketing your dental office. This may apply to many direct mail companies. However, 123 Postcards is not merely a direct mail company. In fact, postcards are just one aspect of the […]

Tips For Handling Negative Feedback

Knowing how to correctly handle negative customer feedback can be difficult at times.  Rachel Strella, in her article through ‘Social Media Today‘ discusses this issue, and gives helpful suggestions for addressing these occurrences. “When done correctly, acknowledging negative feedback and responding appropriately is an opportunity to demonstrate excellent customer service. How a business handles negative […]