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missed callDid you realize that each time your staff doesn’t answer and return a missed call, it costs you $200?

By and large, you may miss around 35% of the calls that your postcard marketing efforts may produce. These missed calls from patients, return or potential, are because of a couple of controllable variables: they are missed before you open, when you’re at lunch, gone for the night, or when you don’t have the right staffing or phone framework to deal with numerous incoming calls. Missed calls shouldn’t be likened to lost patients. Understanding the cost of a missed call and working to train and adjust your staff to address missed calls is key to keeping up the business level that will maintain your practice’s growth.


Through years of research regarding missed calls, we have discovered that when your office staff gets back to a potential patient, they book 20% of them into appointments – making each call worth $200!  Preparing and setting up your staff to accurately deal with these circumstances should be foremost in your mind.

Here are some approaches to enable your expert dental staff:

Ensure Missed Calls Are Returned

While you and your staff will be vested with our best-in-class support, training, and reports, it is important to do the most evident—return missed calls. Give your staff time and the administration needed to deal with missed calls from the day or night prior, whether once a day or occasionally throughout the day. Such a stipend of time will spare your staff time and stress.

Using the help of our teams and tools, your staff will be able to contact missed callers within a satisfactory window of opportunity. Try not to lose cash and, all the more critical, patients over the incapacity or absence of planning to have a framework and course of action set up to manage these circumstances.

Tracking Calls

Tracking each call creates a responsibility for our team and your staff. Our call tracking program won’t just screen the quantity of missed calls; and it will permit you to track the quality of answered and returned calls. This capacity will give you an understanding of the sort of patients calling, enabling you to separate the mailing respondents from other inquiries.

This tracking program allows you and your team to survey the quality of service you give your callers. You will be given a reasonable picture of missed calls and the nature of return calls and record and score the process. To put it plainly, call tracking, recording, and scoring will enable you to proactively follow up on missed calls and guarantee the return calls with patients are working.

Turning Missed Calls Into Appointments

We know a missed call shouldn’t bring about a lost appointment or patient. Properly handling your missed call circumstances and callers will allow you to arrange an appointment.’s staff coaching will encourage you and your staff to deal with these important opportunities accurately. We will work with you from “How may I help you?” to “Thank you for your business.”

With more than 20 coaching videos accessible to you and your staff and our concise and comprehensive instruction, you will be prepared to handle every missed call effectively. The results of using our resources and training will be seen in: benefits you by recording your calls, scoring them against our proven KPIs, and providing you the details for each call you receive from your campaigns with us.  Such data is essential to your office and staff’s preparation to deal with missed calls effectively.

Your practice will grow with your capacity to obtain and look after patients. Encourage and engage your staff in their capacity to contact those callers who were missed. These unanswered calls aren’t simply obscure numbers—they’re patients wanting to see you.