The 6 Absolute Must-Do’s Before Doing Any Marketing: Design Edition

marketing design

A professional-looking design can set you apart from your competitors when sending out direct mail marketing. We’ve compiled the most crucial aspects for creating the best marketing pieces to attract prospective patients. Obtain a hi-res logo and any awards or recognition you or your office may have earned. Show off who you are and what […]

The Pain-Free Promise: Using it to Your Advantage

Did you know that about 1 in 10 Americans are legitimately scared of the dentist? Studies show that approximately 5%-10% of U.S. adults have dental phobia so severe that they avoid receiving dental care at all costs. And for every adult who has fear or anxiety about dental treatment, there are assuredly more children who […]

The Design Process

Our overall dental marketing process includes demographic mailing lists, call scoring, reporting, staff coaching, and other marketing benefits, in addition to individual and unique designs. Postcard design is a key process of your overall direct mailer success. With millions of mailers in our design history we know what it takes to target and create conversions […]