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Dental Marketing Results 24/7 Access to Campaign Performance !

The Practice Dashboard

Want to see the dental marketing results of your campaign efforts? We do too!

We specialize in and differentiate ourselves with ROI reporting. We keep you in the driver’s seat of your dental marketing campaigns by keeping you informed and up-to-date on the progress your practice is making. Don’t spend any more time wondering how to get new dental patients or how they heard about your practice and called you.

We give you 24/7 access to your dental marketing results of the campaigns your implement with us.  Dashboard training is provided by your dental marketing consultants and will go over your mailing results with you each and every cycle.

Our cloud-based reporting software lets you see everything … from marketing campaign metrics, the design and offer on your card, your customized map area, how many calls you received, appointments booked and even the calls you missed! You will not only see missed calls and the number in which to call them back BUT, you will also receive a missed call alert email so you have the ability to follow-up and update your dashboard results.

From the dashboard you can listen to call recordings to track staff performance and  name the new patients on your appointment books.

These metric-based dashboards display real-time appointments, call, and dental marketing ROI data — all with the goal of empowering you with information to make intelligent decisions regarding the growth of your practice. With this knowledge, you’ll know exactly how to proceed with your marketing efforts as well as your staffing and training plans.  We take your dental marketing results seriously and check your campaign dashboard every mailing, checking in with you and your staff for accuracy, questions and feedback.

Don’t waste another marketing dollar on campaigns that may or may not pan out.

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Customized, effective dental postcard design.


Premium quality dental postcard marketing.

Mailing List

AIM: Analyze, Target, Achieve Results!


Efficient, tracked dental postcard delivery.

Call Tracking

Customized, effective dental postcard design.

Call Scoring

Dental call scoring improves conversions


Customized, effective dental postcard design.

Marketing Team

Premium quality dental postcard marketing.

Staff Coaching

Training enhances dental staff efficiency.