Did you know that each time your staff doesn’t call someone back, it costs you $200?

On average, you miss about 35% of the calls that postcard campaigns generate. These missed calls from clients, return or potential, are due to a few controllable factors: they are missed before you open, when you’re at lunch, closed for the night, or when you don’t have the correct phone system to handle multiple incoming calls.  Missed calls shouldn’t equate to lost clients. Understanding the value of a missed call and then working with your staff to act accordingly is vital to maintain the level of business you need.

Our data shows that when your office staff calls a potential client back they have a 20% close ratio – making each call worth $200 to your practice. Equipping and preparing your staff to correctly handle these business sensitive situations should be paramount.

Here are some ways to empower your professional dental staff:

missed callCall Back

While you and your staff will be empowered with our state of the art software, coaching, and reports, it is necessary to do the obvious—call back. Provide your staff time and leadership to handle missed calls from the day or night before, whether that be once daily or periodically throughout a single day. Such an allowance of time will ultimately save your staff time and stress.

Your staff working with our products and services will have the ability to contact missed calls and clients within the window of adequacy. Don’t lose money and more importantly a client over the inability, or lack of forethought to have a system and timeline in place to deal with such situations.

Track Your Calls

Tracking every call creates accountability for both us and your staff. Our call tracking software will not only monitor the number of missed calls, but will also give you the power to track answered and follow-up outbound calls. This ability will also give you insight into the type of customer calling, allowing you to differentiate from mailing respondents and other clientele.

This system and software allows for you and your team to review the quality and service you are providing to your customers. You will be given a clear picture of missed calls, and the quality of return calls with our track, record, and score process. In short, call tracking, recording, and scoring will allow you to proactively act on missed calls and ensure that follow-up with your clients is really working.

From Missed Call to Appointment

As we know, a missed call shouldn’t result in a lost appointment or client. Correctly handling both your missed call situations and clients will result in the opportunity to mark an appointment. DentalMarketing.net’s staff training and coaching will facilitate you and your staff and handling these optimal moments correctly. We will work with you from, “how may I help you?” to, “thank you for your business.”

With over 20 training videos available to you and your staff in addition to initial, ongoing, and customized staff coaching, you will be equipped to handle all missed calls correctly. These services in reference to handling missed calls successfully can be viewed in the follow forms:

DentalMarketing.net benefits you with having access to hundreds of thousands of hours of phones call to practice and analyze over the years. Many of these calls include initial contact conversations after a missed call. Such information is critical to your office and staff’s readiness to correctly handle missed calls.

Your dental success will ebb and flow with your ability to acquire and maintain customers. Facilitate and empower your staff in their ability to contact those calls that go unanswered. These unanswered calls aren’t just unknown numbers—they’re patients waiting to join your practice.