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direct mail campaignsEvery dentist knows they have a 30-second window to capture the attention of their current patient. It’s even less time for potential new patients too. I am referring to the amount of time it takes the average person to walk from their mailbox to their garbage to deposit the daily junk mail into their eternal filing cabinet system.  

This statistic shouldn’t be new to many of you, but it is still hard to swallow sometimes — especially when you spending so much to reach your patients. Today, many dentists still live and die by direct mailers. Why–because they see the continued success from its effort. However, many dentists have determined that direct mail campaigns are a good fit for their dental marketing strategies. These dentists have left direct mailers in the rear-view mirror because of two things 1) Poor tracking and data to prove the value of its campaign. 2)Well, let’s say that your patients feel you have a ho-hum direct mailer design. Yep, that is the #1 reason why your direct mail-designed postcard makes its way into a patient’s junk or discard pile. In all fairness, some good designs end up making their way into the trash, but for a good reason too. It didn’t resonate with the targeted end-patient. Meaning the messaging didn’t trigger them or the offer just wasn’t compelling enough to take action. 

There is good news! takes care of these two issues and guarantees results too. We have anti-ho-hum direct mail postcard designs (guaranteed). And not to mention, our postcards don’t end up in the trash as often as you may think. Why? Good question, and it is pretty simple too. We have over ten years of direct mail data to back our proven ability to create eye-catching designs and our offers will get patients to take action. All are tracked through our proprietary technology processes. However, our purpose in this article isn’t to sell you on why you should use for your dental marketing direct mail postcards but to show you why we are different from those other guys. 

1. offers a money-back guarantee. No one else in the industry is offering this to their dentists. 

2. We pride ourselves on being the lowest price per postcard in the dental marketing industry. 

3. Our proprietary software helps you collect and use your data to create Variable Data Printed (VDP) postcards. 

Let’s talk about how to optimize your next direct mail campaign. can transform any ho-hum campaign into a powerful, effective personalization and customized campaign. How? By letting us use VDP on your postcard campaign. Variable Data Printing is a proven strategy to evoke emotional triggers in your patients and get them to respond to a specific call to action. Plus, did you know that you can place different unique bar codes or exclusive coupon offers on every single postcard? Now that is awesome for both you and your patients. Why because you can quickly increase your postcard ROI with better tracking from these two items. 

If you are unfamiliar with or need a refresher on the power of’s direct mail VDP process, let us walk you through the five VDP key elements of our thriving direct mail postcard process. 

1. Hyper-focused Targeting 

Identifying the right patient at the right time is paramount to successful printed communications. It can improve response rates.

2. Proper Personalization = Better Response

Leveraging data is key to making every postcard personalized. The better you can optimize your data, the better your direct mailer will become. 

3. If you “Know” a Customer Better Than They Do–VDP Has Better Results

The more you can feed your data lake with patient data, the more you can see a significant increase in overall revenue, repeat patients, and new patient response rates.

4. Rise Above the Competition

VDP allows dentists to bring added value to their direct mailers. All of which leads to more loyal patients, and lowers costs to only a few pennies per printed postcard. 

5. Emotion=Number One Reason for Response

The difference between a ho-hum and a VDP campaign is the ability to evoke emotional triggers that lead to a prospect’s specific response to a call to action. 

So, rather than getting 5,000+ mail pieces with the same message on your next dental marketing direct mail postcard, let take it to the next level with variable data printing. And receive 5,000+ uniquely printed direct mailers with the right call-to-action for each patient. 

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