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The Sherlock Holmes of Dental Marketing Firms

It may strike you as strange that we would compare ourselves to the world’s most famous fictional detective. What does direct mail have to do with mystery anyway? Sadly, a lot more than you would probably be comfortable with. Most dental marketing firms have no evidence for what actually happens after they take their clients’ […]

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A Better Dental Marketing Company?

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Luckily we don’t go by what Forrest Gump’s mama said. But you would be surprised how many dental marketing companies actually follow this philosophy. Most advertising partners offer clients a generic postcard design and incorporate a few pieces of information about […]

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Tips For Handling Negative Feedback

Knowing how to correctly handle negative customer feedback can be difficult at times.  Rachel Strella, in her article through ‘Social Media Today‘ discusses this issue, and gives helpful suggestions for addressing these occurrences. “When done correctly, acknowledging negative feedback and responding appropriately is an opportunity to demonstrate excellent customer service. How a business handles negative […]

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How to Make Your Practice More Female Friendly

Marketing and promoting your dental office toward women is effective when certain practices and methods are used.  The following three methods are key when marketing toward women: Make Emotional Connections Be Consistent Understand Women Making Emotional Connections Creates Company-Client Bonds Women respond to advertising when they feel there is an emotional benefit between themselves and […]

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How to Avoid the Top Marketing Mistakes

Steve McKee, from ‘Bloomberg Businessweek‘ addresses commonly made marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.  This article is useful, especially for small businesses. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this refrain, or a variation of it: “We tried _____ marketing tactic. It doesn’t work.” While it may be true that a given […]

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Facebook Marketing: Use it or Lose it

Facebook is more than just a place to connect with old friends and “like” celebrity pages.  Facebook has become a place for businesses to market to a broader audience with multiple ads.  Below are three tips to help you make the most of your Facebook marketing campaign. Specifically target your ads Focus on your unique […]

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Go Bananas with Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a cheap and risky advertising strategy but if the ideas are clever enough, the risks will be well worth it. Below are a few guerrilla marketing tactics that can give your practice a creative edge against your competitors. Stage a fake publicity stunt Whether they’re tied to a tree, picketing in front of […]

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Fine-tuning your direct marketing approach

Deliver Magazine recently published an article on testing the success of direct mailing methods.  Sharon M. Goldman evaluates changes made to the test, mistakes to avoid in your method and strategy to make your campaign a success. “When marketers discuss how direct mail fits into their overall campaign efforts, it is often described as the […]

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Twitter is For Twits

So we’ve all heard that Twitter is the new “hot” thing, but is it really?  While Twitter may be hip and cool personal use, there proves to be many disadvantages to utilizing it for your business, especially when it comes to the dental field.  There are three major issues that stand as a barrier when […]

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Twittermania—Catch the Fever!

So you’ve heard it all before—social media is the new age!  But how do you get your dental office up to speed with the times?  Twitter could be one of the answers for you!  Twitter has many advantages to offer businesses seeking online presence including: Social connection Increased brand awareness Cost efficiency Creating Client Relationships […]

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