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The Truth About Call Tracking in Dental Marketing

call tracking in dental marketing

Call tracking in dental marketing has become increasingly difficult for direct mail marketers to track an accurate ROI on their various campaigns. This is due to the adoption of smartphones, voice search technology, and so many other places a prospect can research, find, and dial your business. I love the statistics compiled in this article […]

Dealing With Patient No-Shows

marketing a dental practice

When it comes to marketing a dental practice, acquiring new patients who set appointments is one hurdle. But getting them actually to show up for their appointment and the appointments they continue to set is another hurdle. Surveys from dental offices report that up to 10 percent of all appointments are canceled. This leaves the […]

5 Things That Will Make or Break A Lead

dental practice marketing

Dental practice marketing is a game of leads. Those who show interest and need dental services should be taken care of. Equipping yourself and your staff with the following knowledge will enable you to project, plan, and implement best practices actively. Handling Missed Calls Your office receives up to 80% of incoming business via telephone. […]

The Real Cost of a Missed Call

missed call

Did you realize that each time your staff doesn’t answer and return a missed call, it costs you $200? By and large, you may miss around 35% of the calls that your postcard marketing efforts may produce. These missed calls from patients, return or potential, are because of a couple of controllable variables: they are […]

The Value of Missed Calls

missed call

Did you know that each time your staff doesn’t call someone back, it costs you $200? On average, you miss about 35% of the calls that postcard campaigns generate. These missed calls from clients, return or potential, are due to a few controllable factors: they are missed before you open, when you’re at lunch, closed […]