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Here’s what patients think about your ho-hum direct mail campaigns

Here's what patients think about your ho-hum direct mail campaigns

Every dentist knows they have a 30-second window to capture the attention of their current patient. It’s even less time for potential new patients too. I am referring to the amount of time it takes the average person to walk from their mailbox to their garbage to deposit the daily junk mail into their eternal […]

Elevate Your Dental Marketing: Your Practice Gets New Patients

Elevate Your Dental Marketing:

Direct mail is a dental marketing strategy that involves sending a postcard to your prospects and current patients — used by many both business-to-consumer and business-to-business selling strategies.  This marketing strategy has been around for years in the dental marketing space and still is a must-have in your dental marketing strategy. Before any dentist starts a […]

The Truth About Call Tracking in Dental Marketing

Call Tracking in Dental Marketing

Call tracking in dental marketing has become increasingly difficult for direct mail marketers to track an accurate ROI on their various campaigns. This is due to the adoption of smartphones, voice search technology, and so many other places a prospect can research, find, and dial your business. I love the statistics compiled in this article […]

Top 3 Trends in Online Dental Marketing 

online dental marketing

Are you looking to promote your dental practice but feel unsure where to start? There are all sorts of online dental marketing ideas out there and making a dental marketing plan can feel overwhelming. Here are some effective and simple ways to get started. These methods are current and up-to-date as well as incredibly effective. […]

How and Why to Use Social Media to Further Your Dental Practice

Dental Marketing with Social Media

Dental Marketing with Social Media The Internet and social media can boast of being the game-changers in several ways. Not only do they help businesses have an active presence with a global reach, but they have made it that much easier for businesses to connect with their consumers. No business cannot benefit from social media. […]

Marketing a Dental Office with – 123 Postcards

marketing a dental office

Marketing a dental office is something we know a lot about. This is probably because we have had so many clients who have sought out the best methods for marketing a dental office and have consistently chosen to work with us. This might have something to do with the fact that we are the cheapest […]

Tips for Reactivating Dental Patients

new dental patients

What if someone told you that you could dramatically increase your practice’s production numbers without adding new dental patients? Would you want to find out how? Absolutely! Chances are that as you read this, your office is sitting on a big chunk of lost production potential just because of inactive patients. Changing how your office […]

Dealing With Patient No-Shows

Dealing With Patient No-Shows

When it comes to marketing a dental practice, acquiring new patients who set appointments is one hurdle. But getting them actually to show up for their appointment and the appointments they continue to set is another hurdle. Surveys from dental offices report that up to 10 percent of all appointments are canceled. This leaves the […]

Back to School Means Back to the Dentist

Back to school dental practice marketing

As millions of parents prepare their children to head back to school, you should be preparing your office and dental practice marketing. New school clothes, supplies, immunizations, and health checkups are all necessities in parents’ minds. Help make sure your practice finds its way onto the list. Here are some ways to “up your grade” […]