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Why Your Practice is Losing Money [Infographic]

We all hate losing money, especially when it’s something as a simple phone call that could turn into thousands of dollars worth of revenue. While other businesses let their phone ring after closing time, you shouldn’t. According to our statistics, 37% of phone calls occur after normal business hours. Those missed calls could be turned […]

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“If a phone rings in a practice and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Wanted to share some of our call analytics data in regards to the importance of answering the dang phone when potential new patients call! 🙂 If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on any marketing, make sure to have accountability in place at your front desk, so that the calls are answered! Nobody […]

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Effortless new patient marketing renders huge ROI

Sounds like some bogus diet-pill advertisement, right? Wrong. One thing’s for sure, our promises are anything but bogus. We know that it is difficult to know which new patient marketing campaign is going to work best for you, but we guarantee that when it comes to 123 Postcards, there is no toss-up whatsoever. We promise […]

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Getting a new dental patient is a piece of cake . . . er, sugar free gum!

If you are trying with all your might to get a new dental patient, STOP! 123 Postcards can make bringing in that new dental patient easier than you ever could have imagined. We are able to guarantee dental practices great success and a substantial return on investment—far greater than any other company. How do we […]

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Marketing in orthodontics can be as challenging as putting braces on an alligator

At least, it can be this challenging if you are working with anyone other than the team at 123 Postcards. We are here to tell you that we can genuinely promise you that 123 postcards offers the cheapest, most effective and completely painless methods for marketing in orthodontics. We don’t mean to be boastful when […]

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Marketing dental practices that will eliminate your competition

Marketing dental practices can be tough because the dental market is saturated in many cities. You therefore need a campaign for marketing dental services that will defeat your competition. 123 postcards is the only company that can guarantee you will have a huge impact when it comes to marketing dental practices. One reason for this […]

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How to market dental practice – not for dummies

One of the biggest questions a dental practice will ask is, “How to market dental practice?” The truth is, dental marketing is not something just anyone is able to do. Our competitors are proof of that. For starters most direct mail companies think the best way how to market dental practice is to deliver dental […]

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Dentistry marketing with 123 Postcards is as good as it gets!

It’s true, 123 Postcards provides dentistry marketing techniques that blow our competition out of the water and brings your dental practice a lot of success and a substantial return on investment. The dentistry marketing tactics we offer are no secret. What it boils down to is that we pay close attention to detail and have […]

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A dental postcard to remember

What makes our dental postcard designs and services so memorable that you would never want to partner with anyone but 123 Postcards? For starters, we have an outstanding design team that creates customers’ postcards utilizing the most successful elements of design. To see some of our work, take a look out our dental postcard samples. […]

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A winning dental marketing idea

Boy do we have a dental marketing idea for you: Teaming up with 123 Postcards. We can absolutely guarantee that this dental marketing idea will be the best you ever have when it comes to advertising your practice and getting new patients. Not only would it be the cheapest dental marketing idea, but we can […]

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