Postage & Delivery: The Art and the Science

Like most successful business ventures and decisions, you need to be artistic, creative, and adaptable. On the other hand, business requires exacts, calculation, and of course finances. Award-winning marketer, blogger, and author, Seth Godin, is known for his idea that everyone is an “artist.” While we all vary in skill level, what we do for […]

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How to Create Patient Loyalty

While bringing in new patients is at times the primary focus of your marketing efforts and resources, it is not the end of the road. Maintaining and fostering existing patient loyalty may save you time and even money. Find time to reflect on what you have done and can do to further your commitment to […]

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The Value of Missed Calls

Did you know that each time your staff doesn’t call someone back, it costs you $200? On average, you miss about 35% of the calls that postcard campaigns generate. These missed calls from clients, return or potential, are due to a few controllable factors: they are missed before you open, when you’re at lunch, closed […]

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How to Implement a Successful Mailing List

Mailing lists may seem outdated and simple in our age of technology, but with’s proprietary software,  “low-tech” postcards can have high-impact ROI. While the correlation between the number of mailings and number of new clients should be taken into consideration, quality and efficiency should be the top priority for your mailing list. Here’s how […]

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Convert Phone Leads into New Patients

Phone Leads into money

You’ve designed a killer postcard, found the perfect target demographic, and your mailing just reached homes. Now what? Ideally, your phones will be ringing off the hook and you’ll be flooded with new patients. But there’s a step in between—converting your phone leads into new patients. Here are some tips for how to take your […]

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Why Your Practice is Losing Money [Infographic]

We all hate losing money, especially when it’s something as a simple phone call that could turn into thousands of dollars worth of revenue. While other businesses let their phone ring after closing time, you shouldn’t. According to our statistics, 37% of phone calls occur after normal business hours. Those missed calls could be turned […]

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“If a phone rings in a practice and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Wanted to share some of our call analytics data in regards to the importance of answering the dang phone when potential new patients call! 🙂 If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on any marketing, make sure to have accountability in place at your front desk, so that the calls are answered! Nobody […]

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Effortless new patient marketing renders huge ROI

Sounds like some bogus diet-pill advertisement, right? Wrong. One thing’s for sure, our promises are anything but bogus. We know that it is difficult to know which new patient marketing campaign is going to work best for you, but we guarantee that when it comes to 123 Postcards, there is no toss-up whatsoever. We promise […]

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Getting a new dental patient is a piece of cake . . . er, sugar free gum!

If you are trying with all your might to get a new dental patient, STOP! 123 Postcards can make bringing in that new dental patient easier than you ever could have imagined. We are able to guarantee dental practices great success and a substantial return on investment—far greater than any other company. How do we […]

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Marketing in orthodontics can be as challenging as putting braces on an alligator

At least, it can be this challenging if you are working with anyone other than the team at 123 Postcards. We are here to tell you that we can genuinely promise you that 123 postcards offers the cheapest, most effective and completely painless methods for marketing in orthodontics. We don’t mean to be boastful when […]

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